What is CEPSS


The Centre for Economic Policy and Sustainability (CEPSS) is an International Research Hub and independent think tank. Our big picture view allows us to address the root causes of some of the greatest challenges facing our planet today. Instead of an academic organization, we are a practical think tank. We endeavour to work with policy makers to bring real change. Our mission is dual. We aim to carry out policy-relevant economic research for decision makers around the world. We also aim to explore a number of issues related to Sustainability sciences such as climate change, energy, resource use, land use, communities, life style and businesses. Our objective is to underpin those forces which affect people’s lives in Economics and Sustainability sciences via participatory and action-oriented research and highlight the ways through which policy makers can bring about change. CEPSS is a distributed network of economists and researchers with international reach. Our team cooperate through the Centre on a wide range of policy-related research projects activities. We have our headquarters/offices in Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Our Mission

The mission of the CEPSS is to contribute to sustainability of societies by means of interdisciplinary scientific and policy research.

Our Values